Love Advice for Couples: Tips for a Lasting Relationship

Was there ever a time when you made serious mistakes that affected your relationship? I can’t be alone in this situation, right?

Committing mistakes in the past and having gone through a failed marriage, I tried to learn as much as I can about what it takes to achieve strong and lasting relationships.

I am going to share with you now what I have learned over the entire course of my recovery from heartbreak.

Here’s some advice that’s applicable to romantic relationships and marriage as well;

Eliminate all communication barriers

Open and honest communication is essential in every relationship. As much as 60% of relationships fail due to lack of communication.

Be aware the communicating with your partner contributes to happy and healthy relationship. Just imagine how many misunderstandings you can avoid and clarify just by talking to your partner.

To avoid conflicts, try to figure out communication methods and preferences that work best for you and your partner.

Communication is important in every relationship.

Practice emotional sensitivity

When communicating with your partner, don’t just listen to what he or she is saying. Instead, try to understand the emotions that go with every word.

Determine if you partner is stressed, lonely, frustrated or confused and try to be supportive. Emotional attunement will make it easier for you to understand your partner well and to respond in ways that lead to healthy and happy relationship.

Understanding your partner’s feelings and being receptive can help you develop a certain level of emotional maturity that is essential to avoid having a toxic relationship.

Respect each other’s boundaries

Modern technology makes it easier and more convenient on us to track each other and to maintain regular communication.

Allowing each other to have privacy and not pushing your partner to do things they are not comfortable with contribute to a lasting relationship that is built on trust, honesty and confidence.

Learning how to make healthy compromises can help you and your partner manage your differences and conflicting views.

Learn how to make compromises

We live in a society that puts a lot of emphasis on individuality. However, for any relationship to work, we have to learn how to put ourselves in the position of the other person especially when dealing with differences.

This will make it easier for us to understand where they’re coming from especially their thoughts and feelings.

Identify your own goals

Being in a relationship is not just all about satisfying your need to have a person beside you. It also means being intentional and considerate about what you particularly want from the relationship and how it should affect your life and personal goals.

For instance, you may consider your relationship as your driving force and inspiration towards achieving your life’s greatest dreams.

Mutually-understanding each other’s goals accounts for a fulfilling and healthy relationship.