Identifying the Signs of Toxic Relationship

It’s not easy to identify what is best for yourself and your partner once you’ve invested your whole life into your relationship.

It becomes harder to remember who you were before the relationship started, how you visualized your life would be with your partner and what you wanted to achieve from the relationship.

You can start to lose yourself in the process and also lose sight of the fact that your happiness is a priority.

However, there’s nothing wrong about admitting that your relationship is falling apart. It happens to a lot of people.

Even if you can’t visualize your life without your partner, it is important to recognize the signs of toxic relationship before they get even worse.

If you find yourself unhappy and in a state of discontent with your partner, try to figure out if your relationship has become toxic. From here, you can try to work things out with your partner or simply step out so you can find peace and pursue your own happiness.

Being in a toxic relationship can steal away the joy, peace and balance in your life.

What are the signs of toxic relationship?

Baseless jealousy

Of course we’re only humans capable of being jealous and insecure. However, this should happen only on some level.

Excessive and baseless jealousy is never acceptable and can be extremely toxic. If you feel that your partner has serious trust issues and you’re finding it hard to deal with that, consider this a red flag.

Hurtful criticisms

We have to understand that nobody is perfect. And the closer and more intimate you get with your partner, the more you get to see his or her imperfections and flaws. However, we must all learn how to give criticisms that come from a positive place.

Criticizing our partners in a way that triggers self-doubt and insecurity can make them feel unappreciated and worthless. This can hurt their pride and even cause them to lose their motivation. It’s hard to recover a relationship once you hurt your partner in that manner.

Failure to communicate property

Arguing and shouting at each other won’t solve relationship conflicts. Walking out and refusing to talk about your issues can be just as damaging.

It’s natural for couples to get upset with each other and to encounter misunderstandings. However, if there’s no proper communication and if neither one wants to talk rationally and calmly, nothing will ever be solved.

To maintain a healthy relationship, honest and open communication is highly essential.

Toxic relationships are often characterized by feelings of loneliness, discontent and confusion over your partner.

Feelings of negativity

Feeling uneasy, uncomfortable and tense around your partner is your body’s way of reacting to the negative energy that surrounds your relationship. This includes dishonesty, abusive behavior and cheating.

Negative feelings can drain you physically and emotionally. It can suck away the joy and peace in your life. So if you don’t feel secure and safe around your partner, consider taking a step back.

Feelings of uncertainty (like there’s no point in the relationship)

Ask yourself; are you staying within the relationship because you are already comfortable with it? Or, are you staying because you sincerely want to be there?

If you feel that your relationship is not getting anywhere and you’re just settling with it because you don’t want to disturb the normalcy of your life, stop wasting your time.

Don’t live a life of regrets. Learn to step out to pursue your own happiness.

Settling and avoiding adjustments is never a good excuse to stay in a relationship. Love and genuine happiness should always be present.